08 May, 2011


My mother has always been a close confidante-- someone who I could share even the most embarassing of stories with. Growing up, she supported me in dance rehearsals and parades, pageants and first dates. She would wait up when I would come home from dates and be genuinely interested in every minute detail. I would tell her all of my secrets, and she'd support me no matter what.
Today, I'm so glad I have a mother who will stay out late with me, eat nachos and Slurpees from 7-Eleven with me, take red-eye flights with me, talk on the phone for hours with me, stay with me when I'm sick, comfort me when I'm afraid, and be completely honest with me.
Most of all though, I'm so grateful for a mother who has been my very best friend.
I love you, Mom!

26 January, 2011

See Busy and Overwhelmed

Yes, that is where you will find my picture in the dictionary. I haven't written on this blog for so long, it seems like writing on it now might be a little embarrassing.
Oh well, I just have to come to terms with the fact that people who can keep up blogs just have more hours in the day than I seem to. It's hard not to hide in a big hole when I read all these blogs where ladies are working AND have kids. Yowza! How do they do it all?!? I always feel a little sad when I plug into someone else's blog hoping for an update and don't see one, and here I sit with practically nothing in a year! Disgraceful!
At any rate, I don't feel like I owe the world any explanation, just wondering if this blogging situation is worth keeping.
The past year has flown past-- seems like just yesterday, I was wondering when my actual "practice" would begin. I was still getting used to Scott living in Utah again. Our adorable feline-child Chico hadn't come to the family yet. We didn't have a snowblower, and I was still minus a truck.
Perhaps as a late New Year's Resolution, I could resolve to blog at least sporatically, but frankly, I think I would be setting myself up for failure.
As an update, to anyone who may actually read this blog:
I am now the sole practitioner in my own law firm in Ogden, Utah. Scott has opened his own practice in South Ogden. We have two adorable creatures, and we bought a few of our first big-ticket furniture items since we got married.
My foot is on the mend, though I don't see myself leaping tall buildings in a single bound anytime soon. I'm still teaching primary, which I love, love, love. I have almost mastered MarioKart on the Wii (which I also love, love, love). I finally took down the broken blinds in our bedroom and replaced them with curtains.
And... drumroll, please... I've had several referrals from clients who were pleased with my work. Hooray! I never thought I'd get a recommendation as a public defender. Who knew?

23 February, 2010

Old Friends and Family

I am always so happy and grateful to run into old friends-- Lezlee, I'm so glad there's only one grocery store in Providence! It was so fun to see you, even if it was only for a few minutes-- you are awesome, and I hope next time you have your cute family with you!
Over the weekend, I was able to catch up with an old friend and lots of family I hadn't seen in years. I can't wait to get together next week for my wonderful brother's wedding-- 10 days and counting!
Unfortunately, it does usually take some big event like a wedding or a baby to bring us all together again, but I'm so glad we get together!
My only question then, is this: if I'm not taking the bullet, what's the next event? Anyone? Anyone?

09 February, 2010

An Eye for an Eye


I believe in my heart of hearts that people who torture animals will end up in a special place in Hell. I also believe, in situations like that linked above, we should implement Moses' Law. (Forget prison-- get an airgun!)
I am furious to think that bystanders let this happen, and am even more livid that after a man put his girlfriend's dog in the oven a few years ago, this offense will likely ONLY be charged as a Class A Misdemeanor.
Obviously, when the last "big story" came out about animal torture, we didn't yell loud enough at our legislators. I say we start screaming.

03 December, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year, we went to Wild, Wonderful West virginia to spend Thanksgiving with Scott's Dad and Alma. This is the New River, near where they live. Beautiful scenery!

On Friday night, the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine had a Chirstmas light show and brief mine tour. I'm glad we went-- it was soooo cool, and awesome that the Jeff and Heayo came with us! Brother-in-law Jeff, sister Heather, and niece Emily inside the Exhibition Coal Mine.

Scott, me and Emily in front of the cool train we rode for the tour. Yeehaw!

Jeff, Heayo and Emi on the ride into the mine. Can you believe it was warmer inside the mine than out?

The cool miner dude who drove us on our tour-- there were so many light displays and great seasonal tunes. Awesome!

This was the coal mine boss' home circa 1900-ish. There's Scott right where he would have needed to be-- in the kitchen... if I'd had to cook, we definitely would have starved.

Here Emi and I are in the old schoolhouse. Thank goodness we didn't get caught talking in class-- according to the punishment list posted there in the classroom, each of us would have received 5 lashes.

Ticket to West Virginina-- $600... entry to exhibition coal mine-- $5... Scott pretending to be a pastor-- priceless!

Emi sang Amazing Grace at the front of this old church and did such a great job-- she has such a sweet little voice, and isn't she adorable?

After visiting the coal mine, and seeing as I brought Christmas gifts with me, we decided to hold a pre-Christmas. Here are Scott's eldest sister Leisa, and her two cute boys, Caleb and Jacob. Both boys have such cute different personalities and are a riot to play Wii with. I'll miss them till next time!

Look at these two handsome guys! That "Mills Curse..." good thing they both have broad shoulders! ;- )

Here are Mark and Alma with Emi. They are so much fun-- I love them to pieces!

Here's the whole fam (minus the camera lady, of course). Here you can also see the cute newest addition--little Mikey. He is so mischievious-- always with a piece of chocolate in his hand... or ear.
Although I missed my family here in Utah, I had such a fun Thanksgiving, and am so happy to have such a wonderful family in WV. I spent most of the time in stitches! Mark says the girls and I could be sisters. Well, yes-- we are all VERY, VERY good looking!

After our antics in WV, we took the long... very long... very, very long drive back to DC.

In looking for theater tickets for Thanksgiving weekend, I came upon what looked like a very special find-- an adaptation of Poe's Fall of the House of Usher and Tell Tale Heart. Well, it was 'special,' and we left at the first intermission. Interesting, very interesting!

On Sunday, Scott and I drove to Mt Vernon and, being as it's the holiday season, we were able to see "George Washington's Christmas Camel," or perhaps a close descendant. How old do camels get to be?

Scott and I at Mt Vernon. Nice close-up, Mr. Deville.

What a wonderful holiday weekend! I am so grateful for my family, far and near. What a blessing they are to me. Thank you, Family! Mua, mua, mua!

Basketball Parker

"We got a basketball Parker, Parker Eggli. Ooh ooh ooh.. yeah!"
My extraordinary nephew Parker decided to play Junior Mustang basketball this year. He plays for the "Suns" and is a great team player and shooter.
Here are a few of the highlights from a game mid-November.

Halloween... Belated